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With a Prepaid Mastercard of 100 euro you can purchase goods or services online or in your local stores.

Buy a Virtual Mastercard online

A virtual Mastercard is a prepaid credit card that you can buy easily online: Fast, secure and instantly delivered to your e-mail address! You can use your prepaid credit card for online purchases everwhere Mastercard is accepted. 

There is no physical card, so no extra costs or waiting time are involved. Virtual MasterCard is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to gift someone abroad with money or get a credit card instantly without having to apply for it and without annual fees. You can never overspend because it is not linked to your bank account.

Secure payment and instant delivery

Select the secure payment method of your choice and the virtual MasterCard code (prepaid digital token) will be shown instantly on screen and delivered to your email address.

We do not collect your personal information – the only thing we need from you is an email address to send you the code. With this email address you wil automatically collect reward points for free Mastercard gift cards!

Direct access to your virtual Mastercard

In your email you will find the link to redeem and access your virtual Mastercard. Click on the link, enter the Prepaid Digital Token, choose ‘Add new card’ to turn the prepaid code into your virtual Mastercard.

You will be asked to enter your name and address because online shops require this information with the use of a credit card. You can always come back to your digital wallet to check your balance, transaction list and card details. Should you encounter any issues with redeeming your tigital token code, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service by mail or chat on our homepage.

What are the advantages of a virtual prepaid credit card?

If you don’t have a credit card but need one fast and without extra costs it is easiest to obtain a virtual prepaid credit card that comes without annual fees. It is virtual, so not a physical card to take to the store, though some shops might let you enter the virtual credit card details upon paying – but that is up to the store’s policy Other than a debit card the virtual Mastercard is not tied to your bank account and you can spend only the prepaid value it is charged with.


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