Glass Bottles 10ml




Sold per 10 bottles of 10ml


Fast Delivery.
Prices based on standard packaging as in examples and EXCLUDE shipping/freight and related customs charges and taxes. MOQ as below. Ask for more customization options.


Available colors:

  • Amber Brown (€0,30 per piece)
  • Clear (€0,50 per piece)
  • Green (€0,68 per piece)
  • Cobalt Blue (€0,65 per piece)
  • Violet (€1,20 per piece)


Additional information

I Want

1x Amber Bottle 10ml Brown, 1 Tray (195x) Amber Bottle 10ml Brown (0,26 per unit), 1x Green Bottle 10ml, 1 Tray (255x) Green Bottle 10ml (0,29 per unit), 1x Cobalt Blue Bottle 10ml, 1 Tray (288x) Cobalt Blue Bottle 10ml (0,25 per unit), 1x Violet UV Bottle 10ml, 1x Clear Bottle 10ml, 1 Tray (160x) Clear Bottle 10ml (0,46 per unit), Pipette Cap 10ml Red/Black, Pipette Cap 10ml Black, Pipette Cap 10ml White/White, Pipette Cap Spray White


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