Augmented Reality Filters for Facebook and Instagram


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People live for expression

Every day, people share different parts of their lives with each other. What they  choose to express may take different shapes, but the underlying desire to share and show how they perceive themselves and the world around them is strong — and augmented reality will only heighten and enrich this sharing experience.

AR brings new depth to perception

Augmented reality allows us to create promotional content that includes new layers of context, meaning, and emotion. It delivers experiences that blur the lines between the head and the heart. It builds bridges between the here-and-now. It helps us see the world in greater depth, and gives us new ways to reveal our authentic selves.

AR is currently developing very fast as a new promotional tool. It allows you to let your customers interact with your company

Using an AR Instagram and Facebook filter does not have to be complicated, simple ideas are often enough to get your audience excited.

Custom AR Idea

If you have a cool idea, then let us know! We can integrate your logo into the AR filter for Instagram or Facebook.

We can also make a design for you.

You can contact us for more details.

Once ordered, we will get in touch with you to get into all the details!




  • Instagram shareable link
  • Facebook shareable link
  • Image or video of the AR filter while in use


AR Halloween example


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